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Nominating Committee

The Board has determined that the independent members of the Board of Directors will perform the duties of the nominating committee of the Board of Directors. The nominating committee does not have a written charter. The nominating committee will (i) identify individuals qualified to become members of the Board of Directors and recommend to the Board of Directors the nominees for election to the Board of Directors; (ii) recommend director nominees for each committee to the Board of Directors; and (iii) identify individuals to fill any vacancies on the Board of Directors. The nominating committee met one time during the fiscal year ended September 30, 2016.

The nominating committee of the Board identifies nominees by first evaluating the current members of the Board of Directors willing to continue in service. Current members of the Board of Directors with skills and experience that are relevant to our business and who are willing to continue in service are first considered for re-nomination, balancing the value of continuity of service by existing members of the Board of Directors with that of obtaining a new perspective. If any member of the Board of Directors does not wish to continue in service, or if the Board decides not to re-nominate a member for re-election, or if the size of the Board of Directors is increased, the independent directors would solicit suggestions for director candidates from all board members. The independent directors would seek to identify a candidate who at a minimum satisfies the following criteria:

  • has the highest personal and professional ethics and integrity and whose values are  compatible with ours;
  • has experiences and achievements that have given him or her the ability to exercise  and develop good business judgment;
  • is willing to devote the necessary time to the work of the Board of Directors and  its committees, which includes being available for board and committee meetings;
  • is familiar with the communities in which we operate and/or is actively engaged in community activities;
  • is involved in other activities or interests that do not create a conflict with his or her responsibilities to us and our stockholders; and
  • has the capacity and desire to represent the balanced, best interests of our stockholders  as a group, and not primarily a special interest group or constituency.

The nominating committee will also take into account whether a candidate satisfies the criteria for “independence” under Securities and Exchange Commission or NYSE MKT rules and, if a nominee is sought for service on the audit committee, the financial and accounting expertise of a candidate, including whether an individual qualifies as an “audit committee financial expert.”  The nominating committee will consider diversity in identifying nominees for director, but has no specific policy or established criteria in this regard.  The nominating committee seeks candidates who have a broad range of business experience when considering nominees to the Board of Directors.