Stockholder Communication with the Board

A stockholder who wants to communicate with the Board of Directors or with any individual director can write to the Corporate Secretary at 75 West 3rd Ave., Huntington, West Virginia 25701, Attention: Corporate Secretary. The letter should indicate that the author is a stockholder and if shares are not held of record, should include appropriate evidence of stock ownership. Depending on the subject matter, the Secretary will:

  • forward the communication to the director or directors to whom it is addressed;
  • attempt to handle the inquiry directly, i.e. where it is a request for information about us or it is a stock-related matter; or
  • not forward the communication if it is primarily commercial in nature, relates to an improper or irrelevant topic, or is unduly hostile, threatening, illegal or otherwise inappropriate.
  • At each board meeting, management shall present a summary of all communications received since the last meeting that were not forwarded and make those communications available to the directors.